Past Sacred Vision Workshops with Sandra Lynne Page

Past Workshops

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Athens October 2016 "Sacred Voice ~ Sacred Sound Women's workshop."

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A Sacred Voice Sacred Sound Workshop For Women

With Sandra Lynne Page ~ Sacred Vision

At Natural Path, Koropi, Athens. Greece.

Gathering together to honour, explore and connect with our feminine wisdom.

These workshops offer an opportunity for women to reclaim and re-discover those aspects of ourselves that hold our passion for life.

Using breath, movement and our unique Sound to come into a deeper
expression of our Sacred and Divine self.

What is our sound? What is the note that we send out into the world at this time of great change? Do we allow ourselves the expression of our truth or do we send it into the shadows?
We are at the threshold of creating something new.
Do we turn away or are we ready to reclaim our power?

Discover powerful healing tools which will enable us to let go of our old stories and create something new.

Soul retrieval through dance and movement meditation,
with voice, rattle and drum.
Sacred fire ceremony.

Saturday and Sunday 29th ~ 30th October2016

Cost €160, all meals and accommodation included.

For more information and to book your place, contact Sandra or Otilia:

Sandra Lynne Page:
Phone: +44 (0) 7849 323137

Otilia Selicean:

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