Sacred Vision Workshops with Sandra Lynne Page

Sacred Vision ~ Sacred Voice
7th October 2019
The Healing Touch

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The silence the void between our experience and our response the place of limbo.....

Silence keeps us behind a web that we once wove,
And perhaps the very thing that we believed kept us safe, now leaves us isolated and afraid unable to unbind ourselves, continually separating us from ourselves until we can bear it
no longer.

That is until the sound of our very soul cracks us wide open, and the truth of us pours out and once more we take great lung fulls of air as we call back our power

As we breathe and embody the very thing that dissolves all pain.

Our self, our pure, innocent, powerful self

Our wild self
Our instinctual self

Our hearts desire to be heard to be witnessed.

Come join me for a One Day Workshop

A journey using the power of Voice, Breath Dance and Shamanic Energy Medicine to uncoil and release the truth of who we are.

Monday 7th October



Venue :The Healing Touch .

Tel 07849323137

Please message for further details

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